Between Soul & Word (all)

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  • Between Soul & Word (all)
  • Between Soul & Word (all)

When a man reads too much, what does he do? When he decides to become immortal, how does he go about it? The answers should not surprise you. The survivors might. Eli Milledge, misanthrope, derives literature’s hidden history by tracing correspondences, real and invented, between a very few authors from medieval times to the present day. A structure exists beyond life and death, one whose rungs are acts of manipulation, abuse, torture, and murder. Everyone must take a place in this structure, and Milledge wishes to be at the top.

This is the original printing of ten booklets (eleven chapters) collected together. Each booklet is of the same number in the edition of 25 copies. Enjoy each zine-style chapter, its topical public-domain cover art, and its distinctive onionskin cover. Convenient for sharing with friends as you read concurrently.

Get a better sense of the look and feel of each chapter:

Did you already buy a few chapters? You can get the rest individually from a real bookstore rather than from my slapdash outfit! Downtown Books & News in Asheville, NC has loose copies.